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First Person On Joplin's List Of The Missing Reports She's OK

"Get me off of there!" 75-year-old Sally Adams told The Associated Press earlier today when a reporter informed her that her name is the first on the list of 232 people who haven't been accounted for since a massive tornado blew through Joplin, Mo., on Sunday.

The list, which we wrote about this noon, is now posted here. The says it will be updated daily.

The AP found Adams "sitting in a wooden chair outside the wreckage of her home, cuddling her cat."

As the wire service adds, though, "not all of the stories of people on the list will end so well. [Andrea Spillars, deputy director and general counsel of the Missouri Department of Public Safety] said officials know some are dead, but she wouldn't say how many or say when names of the deceased would be released."

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