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VIDEO: Rebels Use Libyan Army's Radio To Vow We Are 'Your Master'

When a group of Libyan rebels got hold of a radio belonging to the Libyan military, they had some fun at their enemy's expense and sent a very pointed message to the forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi.

NPR senior social media strategist Andy Carvin tells us that the Misurata Freedom Group, a team of citizen journalists that was one of the only sources of video coming out of Libya prior to the arrival of western journalists in the country, continues to release video every day. Its latest is this clip showing a group of young rebels using a military radio they had obtained to tease and torment a Gadhafi soldier at the other end of the communication.

For an English translation, check this crowd-sourced version on Universal subtitles.

And we're adding that English text so you can read along below as well.

Rebels: "Listen. What's he saying?

"Answer him, say yes.

"No, don't talk, let him talk.

"He's talking to his group, he thinks they're there.

"Leave it, if he talks to him he'll change the wave [or frequency].

"Don't talk to him. Let's hear what they say. Let's listen in.
....smell of blood.

"Yes there were many young men who died on the front who were with us, I swear to God ...

"[interrupts] Congratulations to them, congratulations to them

"[unclear question] Yes, with the 14.5, yes.

"Say yes, say yes.

"He'll close the line.

"It's alright, I'll just change the wave.

"Say yes. I want to know what he'll say.

"Yes sir. The battle is heating up, we need support.

"Zero four ...

"Let him talk."

Rebel to Libyan Army soldier on radio: "We need support. We need support. They've come at us from every direction. For God's sake come and help us."

Libyan Army soldier:"What? Who are you? Define your position."

Rebel:"Don't answer."

Libyan Army soldier:"Define your position. Who are you?"

Rebel to Libyan Army soldier on radio:"I'm your master you dog, we are the people of Misrata."

Libyan Army soldier:"They've got hold of a walkie-talkie from unit four. They've got hold of it."

Rebel to Libyan Army soldier on radio:"Yeah, we got hold of it, what did you think?" (Cheers from the rebels.)

"Come and get us, you dog!"

Libyan Army soldier:"From walkie talkie: zero four ..."

Rebel to Libyan Army soldier on radio:"Yes, zero five, what is it?"

"These are the lions of Misrata you dog.

"Bu Shafufa [messy hair] (ie Gaddafi).

"Come on, the rest of you, you dogs. We're waiting for you.

"Tell him zero four has fallen and zero five is...

"Bring on zero one hundred, we're waiting.

"Bring on the biggest rat of all, Gaddafi, we're waiting."

(More cheers from the rebels.)

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