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Parents Charged $500 For Lemonade Violation


Some children may have learned a little politics this week. A group of kids opened a lemonade stand just outside the entrance to the U.S. Open Golf Championship in Bethesda, Maryland, but their parents were fined $500 for not having a commercial permit. The news report showed local homeowners making thousands by charging golf fans $50 and even more to park their cars in their front lawns.

The kids made it clear that they wanted to donate their lemonade profits to a children's cancer charity. So the Montgomery County officials reflected and said if the kids would move the stand just a little further from the entrance thered be no fine. The kids and county officials may have learned an important lesson about politics: you don't do anything that you can explain on television.

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SIMON: Thats G. Love & Special Sauce. Youre listening to NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.