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Weekly Standard: Migraine Mania In The Media

There have been many stories about Michele Bachmann's migraines throughout the past week.
There have been many stories about Michele Bachmann's migraines throughout the past week.

The Scrapbook is a special section fromThe Weekly Standard .

The Scrapbook was amused last week when it was revealed that Republican representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota suffers from migraines and occasionally takes medication for them. Not amused by the migraines, of course—from which The Scrapbook occasionally suffers, too, and which are no fun—but by the fact that Bachmann's rivals and detractors should have resorted to such a transparent, not to say sexist, device to undermine her presidential candidacy.

On the matter of migraines, at any rate, it didn't work. The congresswoman was obliged to release a letter from the attending physician of the House, attesting to Bachmann's good health and the fact that he and a neurologist had evaluated her and (as reported by Philip Rucker and Sandhya Somashekhar in the Washington Post) "found that the headaches were 'infrequent' and well controlled." Translation: Like millions of Americans, Bachmann gets migraine headaches, but they would not interfere with her ability to serve in the White House.

The next paragraph in the Rucker/Somashekhar story, however, is one of those passive-voiced/anonymously sourced/brow-furrowing cow patties that make the Post's political reporting so interesting to follow:

The assessment was issued in response to reports that surfaced this week in which former aides, quoted anonymously, said the attacks are frequently incapacitating, raising questions about whether Bachmann is fit to serve as commander in chief.

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