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L.A. School District Rehires 450 Teachers Laid Off In June

The Los Angeles school district has rehired 450 elementary school teachers who had been laid off in June. The AP reports that the jobs were restored after "a combination of retirements, resignations, dismissals and a four-day furlough agreement with the teachers union allowed the district to rescind the layoffs."

The layoffs were part of massive job cuts instituted this summer, as Los Angeles dealt with state funding cuts. Although the school district has rehired 4,170 teachers and support staff since those initial cuts were made, some 1,450 personnel remain laid off.

Those teachers who are still without jobs can track where they are on a "rehire list" by visiting the L.A. school district's website. There, they can enter their employee number to see the current rankings.

Also Friday, California learned that it must return a $6 million federal grant that was supposed to be used to set up a database to track teachers and administrators. As Jason Song of The Los Angeles Times reports, "Gov. Jerry Brown cut $2.1 million for the program from the state budget, although he did not ax any funding for a similar database for students."

Back in May, librarians in Los Angeles were told they would no longer be counted as teachers — a move that prompted protests and outrage.

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Bill Chappell is a writer and editor on the News Desk in the heart of NPR's newsroom in Washington, D.C.