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Riding Out The Storm At The Beach

LAURA SULLIVAN, host: On Friday night, Kevin Boyer was at Ventnor City Beach near Atlantic City with some buddies. They'd just bought a bunch of beer - Yuengling and Miller Lite.

KEVIN BOYER: Originally, I was actually going to ride it out with my friend. Yeah, the beer was for my friend. But once I saw how bad the storm was getting, I ended up staying with my parents just to make sure they were safe a block from the beach. So we ended up drinking my dad's scotch. Oh, yeah, we have plenty of liquor left. We sat around and played cards. And the only part that really freaked us out was when there was a tornado warning.

Actually, and we were laughing about it because I had said to my family I could deal with a hurricane, but I wouldn't mess around with a tornado. I'm going down to the basement. But I woke up right when the eye came because I wanted to try and see it. So I was pretty crazy then when the - we went out on the boardwalk, it was like a wind tunnel. It was interesting, the field of wind completely changed direction. Really was shocking was just how eerie it was.

There's no one in town. We went out in the middle of the back avenue. At one point, the three of us, when the rain stopped, and it was just this huge wind tunnel and just no one around, it was really eerie, kind of felt like an apocalypse movie.

SULLIVAN: That's Kevin Boyer, who weathered the storm in the New Jersey beach town of Ventnor City. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.