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Cain's Train Comes To A Stop

In case you haven't heard yet:

Republican Herman Cain effectively ended his presidential campaign this afternoon, as the toll from allegations about sexual harassment and an affair (all of which he has denied) combined to effectively end his chances at getting the GOP nomination.

Here's how the story is playing:

-- "Campaign Over, Cain Vows To Go With 'Plan B'." ( NPR.org)

-- "Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign, Cites 'Hurt' Caused by 'False' Allegations."( Fox News)

-- "G.O.P. Presidential Candidate Says He Will Not Go Away." ( The New York Times)

-- "Fight For Herman Cain Supporters Begins." ( Politico)

-- "How the Cain Train Changed the Route to the White House: Unorthodox presidential campaign taught political veterans new lessons."( National Journal)

Our colleagues at It's All Politics follow the ups and downs of the campaign.

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