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Son's Funny And Loving Obituary About Dad Charms Readers

Robert Spiegel, in an undated photo provided by his son Jeff.
Robert Spiegel, in an undated photo provided by his son Jeff.

"Robert Spiegel's passion for Russian literature, the New York Mets, ethnic cooking and beagles endeared him to generations of students and colleagues at Central Connecticut State University," The Associated Press says. "Now, through the power of social media, the 77-year-old former English professor's obituary is charming strangers, as well."

Written by his son Jeff and posted on the Hartford Courant's pages of, Spiegel's obituary is indeed loving and funny. According to the AP, it's being spread via Facebook and Twitter by strangerse who say they wish they had known him.

Some of our favorite lines:

-- "Robert Spiegel of Kensington was born in Brooklyn, NY on May 2, 1934, lived and subsequently died. Most of his noteworthy accomplishments happened in said middle part."

-- "The son of Nathan and Kate Spiegel, Robert is survived by the love of his life, his wife Ursula" [and many others].

-- "Robert was predeceased by his parents, brother Charles, mother-in-law Lilo Blank, and his niece Dawn. Also departed before him was a bevy of beagles, all eternally loyal to their benevolent master, if not lacking a tad in their own intellect."

-- "At the end of his life, Robert battled with cardiac disease and dementia. Whereas the disease did thankfully erase most memories of the '62 Mets season, it eventually also claimed his life."

-- "Bedside vigil was fueled by lively conversation, background music of Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley, chicken curry and the occasional smuggled glass of Glenlivet."

-- "A celebration of Robert Spiegel's life will be held this spring (date and time to be announced) at Central Connecticut State University. Spicy food and good single malt will be served, casual attire expected."

(H/T to Rob Schaefer of the NPR Newscast desk.)

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