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VIDEO: Car Lands On Roof, Driver Charged With Hit-And-Run

This is why we created a category called The No-Way:

"A family in Northwest Fresno was stunned Wednesday morning to find a car on the roof of their apartment," KFSN-TV reports.

Police say a 26-year-old man who allegedly stole a car was apparently driving it way too fast when he missed a turn, went on to some rocks and the vehicle launched into the air.

The sedan landed up on top of family's home (it's a rather low roof, as you can see).

The alleged Evel Knievel wannabe fled the scene — breaking his leg in the process when he jumped from the roof. He was caught not far away and "faces a number of charges including hit-and-run," KFSN says.

Or should that be hit-and-homerun?

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