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The South Carolina Primary is the "First in the South" primary and is scheduled for Saturday, January 21st. This special section collects all of our stories related to the primary.

Candidates Congratulate Gingrich And Vow To Continue Nomination Fight

Most of the candidates in the GOP primary race have given their primary night speeches following South Carolina's primary Saturday.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won the state's primary.

PBS NewsHour will be posting video of all of the candidates' speeches here.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who placed second, was the first to address supporters Saturday.

"This election is a battle for the soul of America," Romney told the audience at his campaign headquarters.

He continued by attacking the GOP's ultimate opponent, a tactic he also used in his victory speech following his win in New Hampshire's primary earlier this month.

"President Obama wants to fundamentally transform our country. We want to restore to American the founding principles that made this country great," Romney said.

Later, Texas Rep. Ron Paul spoke to supporters telling them that it's the "beginning of a long hard slog."

"The message of liberty is being received by more people every single day thanks to your effort," said Paul.

Ron Paul is expected to place last in South Carolina's primary results.

And Rick Santorum appeared on stage at his campaign headquarters saying Newt Gingrich achieved an "enormous victory" in South Carolina.

Each of the candidates appear ready to take their campaigns to the next early primary state, Florida, which holds its primary Jan. 31.

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Padmananda Rama