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From Our Readers: A Tale of Two Cities

In San Bernardino, Calif. the city government is suddenly seeking bankruptcy, while in Scranton, Pa. city workers have seen their salaries reduced to minimum wage. One of our readers disparages San Bernardino's actions while another advocates bankruptcy for Scranton.

" Anthony DiStephano" writes:

"A Municipality in the USA should not be allowed to declare bankruptcy! At the first hint that a bankruptcy situation is imminent, the federal Government should deploy a task force to take control of the municipality. People who live in this town or city deserve public health and safety; a bunch of corrupt politicians should not cause them to be deprived, and placed in jeopardy."

While " Zach Hoffman" cautions:

"... The mayor took a radical step to preserve jobs while trying to find a long-term solution. I don't think it was the right move since it is very short-term and obligations keep piling up but it certainly got everyone's attention. The simple fact is that the city doesn't have the money to meet its obligations. Suing the city will change nothing, just like suing an uninsured motorist who hits your car and injures you ... Bankruptcy and reorganization is the only answer for Scranton."

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Marissa Alioto