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Top Stories: Crisis In Egypt; Trial Set For Pistorius

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- Attacks, Reprisals And Church Burnings As Egypt Teeters

-- Reports: Mubarak Might Be Freed While Awaiting New Trial

-- 'U.K. Puppets' Detained His Partner, NSA Leak Reporter Says

-- Has Voyager 1 Left The Solar System?

-- Book News: John Hollander, Master Of Poetic Forms, Dies At 83

Other stories making news:

-- "Oscar Pistorius Indicted On Murder Charge," Trial Set For March 3. ( The Associated Press)

-- In India, "35 Dead As Speeding Train Runs Over Pilgrims ... Mob Attacks Driver." ( The Hindustan Times)

-- "U.N. Mission In Syria To Investigate Use Of Chemical Weapons." ( Global Post)

-- Effort Launches To Recall San Diego Mayor. ( KPBS)

-- Fire Managers In Idaho Believe Huge Beaver Creek Fire Is Now "Manageable." ( Boise State Public Radio)

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