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The 'Unitasker' Kitchen Gadgets Alton Brown Loves To Loathe

Cooking gadgets seem to be a solid go-to when you're not sure what to give someone. Who wouldn't be charmed with a laser-guided pizza cutter? A one-click butter dispenser? An electric bacon-bowl maker?

Alton Brown, that's who. The Food Network host and celebrity chef has always railed against single-use kitchen gadgets. And on All Things Considered, he urges you to think twice before putting these items in your virtual or actual shopping cart.

In early December, Brown made a video for The Daily Dot in which he "reviewed," so to speak, several items. It's basically a guide on what not to get the cook in your life.

As Brown tells ATC's Ari Shapiro, "I have railed against unitaskers for 20 years. I've come around to liking them as strategic gifts for people you don't like."

Brown explains why you may not need meat claws, an egg cuber or the Rollie Eggmaster. You can listen to the interview by clicking the button above.

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