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Top Stories: Sen. Flake On Trump; Class-Action Suits Against Banks Blocked

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Sen. Flake: GOP Must Stand Against Trump's Behavior 'Or Lose That Chance'.

-- Senate Kills Rule On Class-Action Suits Against Financial Companies.

And here are more early headlines:

Congress Approves New Disaster Bill For Storms, Fires. ( Washington Post)

Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Dallas Today. ( Dallas Morning News)

Judges Deciding Whether To Delay Kenyan Presidential Election. ( AP)

Kurds Suggest Delaying Independence To Avoid Violence. ( CNN)

Heat Wave Bakes L.A. As World Series Starts. ( Los Angeles Times)

Secretary Of State Tillerson Arrives In India For Talks. ( Reuters)

Sentencing Hearing For Bergdahl To Resume Today. ( AP)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.