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1A Across America: The Fight Over Oil and Gas

Fracking tour
Our Across America team took a tour of a fracking facility with SRC Energy's Julie Tannehill, their completions engineering manager and Mike Eberhard, SRC's chief operating officer.

When we traveled to Colorado this month, we heard a lot about oil and gas.

It's a $31 billion industry in The Centennial State according to leading businesses and civic organizations, but it's also a big concern to some residents.

Our Across America team spoke to several people in the Greeley, Colorado, area about how the industry has affected their lives.

In some cases, it's even had an impact on their sleep.

How does Colorado balance the health and safety of residents with the economic success of the oil and gas industry?

We broadcast excerpts from a live event where our guests discussed just that, and we go broad with an energy reporter to talk about how Colorado's approach to this dilemma could guide the nation.

Produced by Amanda Williams.


Amy Harder, Reporter covering energy and climate, Axios; former reporter, The Wall Street Journal; @AmyAHarder

KC Becker, Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives; House District 13 representative; @kcbecker

Chris Wright, CEO and chairman, Liberty Oilfield Services; @LibertyFrac

Therese Gilbert, Co-founder, Weld Air and Water; Greeley, Colorado, middle school teacher

Matt Bloom, Energy and economy reporter, KUNC; @matthew_bloom

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Video of 1A Across America Live Event in Greeley, Colorado

Here's the full video of the 1A Across America live-audience event on March 7, 2019, about the future of oil and gas in Colorado. It was filmed by KUNC and held at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

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