Ashley Jefcoat

Digital Producer and Editor

My career in radio began when I was about 10 and accompanied my father to the local country music station to listen to him record commercials. Inspired, I recorded my own radio shows -- using a CD player, a cassette tape recorder and a lot of free time -- and fancied myself pretty good at the whole thing.

I come to KUNC by way of Jackson, Mississippi, where I worked as the digital media director at Mississippi Public Broadcasting and co-host for a weekly call-in tech show, Everyday Tech. While there, I did a huge variety of things: social media, web development, promotional writing and editing, script writing and production, among others. I also served as the chair for the National Educational Television Association's communications council, an organization for professionals in public media.

I attended the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. In 2009, I received a B.A. in psychology from Millsaps College. I've worked in technology since I was a freshman there -- and have been tinkering with it for longer, thanks to a mother who loves all things tech.

I now live in Greeley with my wife, two cats and a dog. In my free time, I play video games and board games, read way too much and knit.


Carl Kasell, long-time voice of NPR newscasts and scorekeeper emeritus for Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! passed away Tuesday, April 17 from complications from Alzheimer’s disease. 

Martin Falbisoner / Wikimedia Commons

Colorado's congressional delegation hasn't been silent on the Syrian airstrikes conducted by a U.S.-led coalition Friday night. The strikes drew criticism from some and praise from others, though there was one thing Republicans and Democrats agreed upon — the heinousness of reported chemical weapons attacks conducted by the Syrian government, led by President Bashar al-Assad.

Liam James Doyle / NPR

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to answer questions from Congress in two separate Capitol Hill hearings. Zuckerberg will face members of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday and the House of Representatives on Wednesday to answer questions about protecting user data.

Sandra Fish / KUNC

A vote scheduled for the Colorado House of Representatives today could determine Rep. Steve Lebsock's future and members are currently making statements. Following our reporting last November, an outside investigator found that allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation leveled against Lebsock from five individuals were credible.

House Democrats have pushed for a vote to remove Lebsock from office. But some in the House question the methods of the investigation that is the lynchpin of that effort. Some worry that the punishment is too extreme for someone accused of such misconduct.

Annette Elizabeth Allen for NPR

President Trump is hosting Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the White House. The two leaders are holding a joint news conference. This is taking place amid new charges in the Russia investigation and public debate over gun control and gun violence, all of which may come up in the course of questioning.

The conference is expected to start at noon MT. 

Chelsea Beck / NPR

President Trump is speaking for the first time about the shooting at a high school in South Florida that left at least 17 people dead.

Annette Elizabeth Allen for NPR

President Trump is delivering his State of the Union address to Congress, which will be followed by a response from the Democratic Party. Journalists across the NPR newsroom will be annotating those remarks, adding fact-checks and analysis in real time. You can also watch the speeches live.

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In a new hour-long special, "Sexual Harassment: A Moment of Reckoning," Weekend Edition Sunday host Lulu Garcia-Navarro takes a deep dive into a national conversation that is growing louder by the day. It's a conversation that has been fed by scandals that have implicated powerful people from the entertainment industry to the media — including NPR — raising the possibility that we're seeing the beginning of a cultural shift.

Martin Falbisoner / Wikimedia Commons

Fire prevention and repealing parts of the Affordable Care Act were on the table this week in the U.S. House, while Colorado’s senators backed the appointment of Allison Eid to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Here’s a look at what the Colorado congressional delegation was up to this week.

Michael de Yoanna / KUNC

[Updated 11/2/17,  8:45 a.m.] Two men and a woman are dead following a shooting at a Walmart in Thornton Wednesday night. Colorado authorities have arrested 47-year-old Scott Ostrem as the suspect.