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Jennifer Prall

Corporate Support Team Lead

Email: jennifer.prall@kunc.org
Phone: (970) 350 - 0816 - Schedule a Call

the Corporate Support Team Lead at KUNC (NPR) & KJAC (The Colorado Sound), I spend my time cultivating relationships with current and potential underwriters, proposing the best media campaign options, in congruent with their branding goals, and executing those plans, from start to finish, with the best customer-service possible.

My daily goal is to be a “trusted advisor” for every one of my clients, while helping to ensure the financial well-being of both stations.

I have worked in advertising since 1989, in a myriad of different mediums, and know that listener-powered radio is the BEST KEPT SECRET in marketing. Matching businesses to the KUNC & KJAC brands are also equal to getting a RECOMMENDATION from a trusted source!

I was born in Mattoon, Illinois and moved to Gates Mills, Ohio when I was 2-years old. I eventually received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the School of Journalism at Kent State University in 1993. (Yes, advertising and marketing is a science!)

Immediately after graduation, I jumped in my 1984 Honda Civic and “headed off for the West Coast” (just like the line from Kenny Chesney song, “There Goes My Life” but only 11-years before he wrote and released it) to surf and show everyone out there how “smart” I was in advertising.

Luckily, my Honda broke down in Estes Park, Colorado before I got there and 3-days later, I received a position at the local Fort Collins, Colorado newspaper, as an account executive. I have been in Northern Colorado ever since.

When not working, I enjoy hanging out with my family at our private lake in the summers where we ski, wakeboard and SURF (behind the boat)! Even though I did not make it to the West Coast, I figured out a way to surf after all! In the winter months, we ski and snowboard too. We have two dogs, Rio Von Jager (German Shorthair Pointer) and Bruno Von Prall (Mini Dachshund), who each have very distinct personalities but are best buddies.