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With a swipe of the governor's pen, it is now legal for Coloradans to collect the rain that falls from their roofs. The move makes Colorado the final state in the country to sanction rain barrels.

Colorado is known as a craft beer haven, but the industry's boom inevitably gained the attention of what was once "the enemy": big beer. As consolidation starts to take hold, where does that leave one of the state's biggest success stories? [AP Video]

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The Friends of the Yampa and American Rivers decided that rafting a river was the best way to start a discussion on water conservation and use. The twist? These rafters were water bigwigs. The movers and shakers of water policy. The Smithsonian has story...

Htoo Ler Moo was 7-years-old when his family arrived in a refugee camp in Thailand. Before the camp, his family lived in a tiny village in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, where his parents worked in the fields. They lived in that camp for seven years before they were able to come to the United States as refugees. On Htoo Ler Moo's first day of school in Colorado he only knew basic words like yes, no and hello. Now, he is a high school graduate and looking on to a bigger and brighter future.

Now that oil wells in Northern Colorado and Wyoming have a new lease on life thanks to hydraulic fracturing, the demand has increased for wastewater disposal. That demand led a Colorado company to request approval for a disposal injection well in Sioux County, Nebraska. Residents have organized opposition to the project, raising concerns about spills, groundwater contamination, and an increased risk of earthquakes.

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In about 20 minutes, Travis Reed of High Country Carvings can turn an ordinary log into something extraordinary. An owl, a grizzly or in this case, a buffalo.

At first blush that may not seem amazing, until you realize that over that 20 minutes Reed's tool of choice is a chainsaw.

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Energy development is burgeoning along the Front Range. As more and more Coloradans come into contact with the oil and gas industry there has been some conflict, as well as lots of questions.

For example, just what is the basic drilling process?

A statement from the team reads in part: "In recent years, Denver Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen has taken a reduced role with his team while courageously and privately battling Alzheimer’s disease. The Broncos are very saddened that Mr. Bowlen is no longer able to be part of the team’s daily operations due to his condition. We continue to offer our full support, compassion and respect to ‘Mr. B,’ who has faced Alzheimer’s disease with such dignity and strength."

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It's never goes unsaid on stage: Telluride provides one of the best backdrops of any venue anywhere. Every band, whether it's their first trip or not, says it on stage. It happens with such frequency, one cynic in the crowd wondered aloud if there was a stage note telling them to say it.

Now in it's third year, there was a mix of what you could call Ride veterans and Telluride first-timers. All were there to wonder at the scenic beauty and deliver the music to match.