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Today on Colorado Edition: we'll talk with a professor who is bringing the impeachment inquiry into the classroom. Plus, we'll look at the tradition of painting Haystack Rock in Fort Collins. And, a discussion about what the sale of New Belgium means to our area. 

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Today on Colorado Edition: We get the latest on the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission's hearings this week over flowline rule changes. Plus, we speak with Erin Martinez, the survivor of the 2017 Firestone explosion. We also explore the story of the Blue Bear Ponzi scheme and learn how Ponzi schemes work.

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Today on Colorado Edition: we'll speak with the director of Colorado's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission about the debate surrounding the mapping of flowlines. Plus, a look at why a scholarship application is drawing controversy. And, remembering the life of pioneering Denver teacher, Marie Greenwood. 

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Today on Colorado Edition: A special election on whether to allow marijuana dispensaries in Estes Park is taking place in December. We explore the issue with a local reporter. Plus, we speak to Colorado's Secretary of State about how the process for gathering ballot signatures works in our state. We also dive into transportation funding after Proposition CC failed, hear about the tribes calling for a say in the future of Colorado River water, and explore a lawsuit in Vail sought by residents who want to protect a herd of bighorn sheep.

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A pioneering Colorado teacher who spent decades fighting segregation in city institutions has died at the age of 106. Marie Greenwood made history as the first black teacher to receive tenure in Denver Public Schools.

Greenwood died on Friday at her Denver residence, said Elder Shane Stringfellow of Caldwell Kirk Mortuary.

KUNC's Brian Larson spoke with her in 2007, as part of a series profiling notable figures in Colorado.

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Today on Colorado Edition: we'll learn about one city that's considering creating its own municipal broadband network. Plus, what exactly is an AR-15? We'll also learn about how the city of Fort Collins is re-evaluating its crossing guards after a recent death. Finally, why a group of women in Fort Morgan is working together to go back to school. 

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Today on Colorado Edition: Colorado lawmakers passed a high-capacity magazine ban following the Aurora theater shooting in 2012. Since then, few people have been sentenced for violating the ban. We explore the enforcement of the ban in our state, and explore how other states with similar laws are handling things. We also look at transportation funding, following the defeat of a handful of tax measures across our state that would have put money into infrastructure.

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Today on Colorado Edition: the Supreme Court heard oral arguments to determine the future of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. We discuss how Coloradans are reacting to the debate. Plus, the debate around whether or not to allow e-bikes on public lands, and a look at education election results. Finally, a conversation with author Pam Houston about how she came to own a ranch high in the Rocky Mountains, and what the experience has taught her. 

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Today, on a special Veterans Day episode of Colorado Edition, we explore the civilian-military divide. We also check in on the stories of those who have served as well as a few who are still serving. Plus, we take a closer look at how the military is contending with a new threat: climate change. 

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Today on Colorado Edition: we'll discuss what we learned from a report about the effects of living near oil and gas drilling sites. Plus, how new program helps student teachers. And, a conversation with fashion designer Orlando Dugi.