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An elk with netting tangled in its antlers has caught the attention of Estes Park residents and social media. But local wildlife officials are hesitant to intervene.

On Monday, bystanders captured video of the elk with a mass of plastic netting caught in its antlers. Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said his office started receiving several calls from people who were concerned about the animal. But Clay said that for now, it’s best to leave the animal alone.

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Today on Colorado Edition: for the first time in eight years, Colorado businesses say they are pessimistic about the economy. We'll look at the numbers and discuss what this means. Plus, a new study explores the impact of full-day preschool on children's development. And, a radio station you've probably never heard of is turning 100 years old. We'll tell you about how it could one day help save the world.

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Today on Colorado Edition: Colorado State University has been embroiled in debate after a photo of four students in blackface went viral. We learn more about how the student senate has handled the issue and hear from CSU President Joyce McConnell about the school's approach. We also explore the state of the ski industry in Steamboat Springs, learn about upcoming changes to Colorado's foster care system, and bust a popular myth surrounding bears.

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Today on Colorado Edition: we'll look at what the proposed sale of North Colorado Medical Center would mean. Plus, a look at how Steamboat Springs' history is being remembered as the town grows. We'll also discuss how Fort Collins is working to provide services to its homeless population. And, we'll talk about an upcoming choral celebration of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. 

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This week, countries around the world met at the United Nations Climate Action Summit to discuss climate change. But it's not only nations that are looking towards solutions, we also are seeing towns and cities here in Colorado taking action. 


Today on Colorado Edition: We explore how two Northern Colorado cities, Boulder and Fort Collins, are grappling with climate change policy. We also take you to Steamboat Springs to explore the state of housing in the mountain community. Plus, we take a look at a series of proposed measures that could affect the future of business in Boulder, and find out what it takes to build a device that launches pumpkins farther than the rest.

Fire truck ladder
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Today on Colorado Edition: we'll learn about what's next for school safety in the state. Plus, for the first time in 40 years, the city of Steamboat Springs will ask voters about whether to increase property taxes in order to help pay for emergency services. We'll also discuss teacher strikes in Colorado, and listen to a profile of a neighborhood in Colorado Springs where an officer-involved shooting recently occured. 

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On Friday, NPR Politics hosted a live taping in Boulder called “The Road to 2020,” and while the team was in town, Colorado Edition sat down to talk with them.

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Today on Colorado Edition: After years of litigation, a settlement was announced in Denver today that would help protect people experiencing homelessness — we speak with the case's lead council about the outcome. Plus, we learn about the tension surrounding recreational trails in Steamboat Springs in our return to KUNC's ongoing Growing Pains series. We'll also explore a health facility in Boulder that is offering a warmer approach to mental health services, and hear a conversation with the hosts of the NPR Politics Podcast, Asma Khalid and Tamara Keith.

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We know Colorado has mountain lions, coyotes, rattlesnakes, tarantulas and black bears... but what about grizzly bears? 

A listener submitted the question to our Curious Colorado project asking about just that. "When was the last grizzly bear seen in the state?"