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Kyra Buckley started at KUNC as Morning Edition Host and reporter in March of 2017. Before KUNC, Kyra was a Weekend Edition Host and reporter at KLCC public radio in Eugene, Oregon. She also worked as producer for the UNESCO Crossings Institute’s radio hour, an internationally focused program about intercultural dialogue and conflict sensitive reporting.

Kyra was born and raised in Eugene, and she holds BAs in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Oregon. In addition to writing and reporting, Kyra enjoys teaching Jazzercise and studying Arabic language and culture.

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#MeToo, a movement to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assault, was started by civil rights activist Tarana Burke over a decade ago. Since its resurgence in fall 2017, national and regional headlines have been dominated by stories of accusers detailing allegations against bosses, colleagues and even lawmakers.

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Colorado got mixed reviews for its air pollution in the American Lung Association’s 2018 Air Quality Report.

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Campers wishing to spend the night at Conundrum Hot Springs in Colorado’s Maroon-Bells Snowmass Wilderness will now need a permit.

The $10 pass can be purchased at They will not be available at Ranger stations. They go on sale starting April 18.

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Republican candidate for Colorado governor Walker Stapleton is withdrawing his ballot petition over concerns about the company his campaign hired to gather signatures.

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Update April 6, 2018: The Boulder City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that would ban the sale and possession of so-called assault weapons. The Boulder Daily Camera reports nearly 150 people spoke for and against the proposal during a five-hour-long meeting Thursday evening.

In 1987 Jill Tietjen could only name one great historical woman in science and engineering.

That’s hard to believe of someone who has since spent decades nominating women for awards and writing books about the contributions of women — especially in science, technology, engineering, and math, also known as STEM, fields.

If you had asked Tietjen what she did during most of her adult life, she would have said electrical engineer. But during her 40 years in that field, she added another job: Writing women back into history.

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Last year Transportation Officials found 118 firearms in carry-on bags at Denver International Airport security checkpoints. 102 of them were loaded—including one that was in the handbag of a Colorado lawmaker.

KUNC reported Republican state Rep. Lori Saine was arrested in December after she forgot about a loaded handgun in her bag.

TSA spokesperson Carrie Harmon says they hear that a lot. She says it’s unfortunate because it can cause delays, alarm among travelers and it can be costly for the person who forgot they had a gun.

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We’ve all said it -- sometimes joking, sometimes serious.

“There’s an app for that.”

For Coloradans seeking seeking birth control, that’s now a true statement. The Nurx app allows people to bypass traditional methods of accessing birth control -- and offers home delivery. 

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For quite a long time, Emelia Schwartz had been asking for a kitten. And for Christmas, Emelia, who is almost 4 years old, got her wish. She got Lito.

But the new kitty isn’t just any rescue cat. Lito survived the devastating storms that hit Puerto Rico last year. The 5-month-old kitten came to Colorado thanks to a volunteer at the Eagle Valley Humane Society.

Schwartz says Lito is happy. “She always comes on my bed and snuggles with me,” Schwartz said.


Newly released federal data shows marijuana use is down slightly among Colorado teenagers.

After voters legalized the drug in 2012 state officials became worried about easier access for kids and teens. That concern was renewed two years later when retail shops began popping up.