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Marc Applegate


I am a musician first and a radio host second and, if you’re doing a music show, isn’t that how it should be?  On the Nine O’clock Blues I play a wide variety of artists from legendary giants, known by virtually everyone, to some obscure footnotes of musical history, sadly forgotten except by me and a few other nutcase diehards.
I started piano at age 6, trumpet at 9, bass guitar at 12 and guitar at 15. A child of the British Invasion, I was first inspired to play professionally by The Yardbirds. Soon after, I discovered The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and have leaned towards Blues ever since.
My pro career started at age 14 and at 15.  After that I played with different bands in a variety of genres, happiest when doing a style that involved a fair amount of improvisation.
In the mid-1980s I started doing music on KUNC.  Since the early 1990s I’ve produced and hosted The Nine O’clock Blues.
The Nine O’clock Blues has been recognized as Music Show of the Year by the Colorado Blues Association.
These days I satisfy my desire to share music through my show and choose to perform my own music only in private because that’s where I don’t have to compromise between being an entertainer or a musician. I can play what I want and that’s the best part of being a musician.