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Old Town Square in downtown Fort Collins is getting a major facelift. The $3 million project will add updated amenities to the 30-year-old core of the city. Funding came in part from the city's downtown development authority which committed $1.9 million in bonds and tax increment.

In existence since 1981, the DDA has seen Old Town transformed from a vacant, rundown area to the city's main hot spot.

Downtown Greeley

At one point, the downtown was the cultural and business center of Greeley, Colorado. Over time though, the population moved west toward the mountains and I-25 - and businesses followed. A downtown development authority was formed in 1998 to stem the tide, to overcome the perception that the downtown was dead.

Now it appears that the city center is starting to turn that final corner of revitalization.

Downtown Loveland Association

Voters in downtown Loveland will soon be casting a ballot in a special election on whether to create a downtown development authority. Proponents believe an authority to fund development will help the downtown thrive.

Trends show more and more people want a downtown experience, so it may be the perfect time.

Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park / Facebook

Using a report by the Urban Land Institute as a guide, Loveland officials continue to restore areas hard hit by 2013's historic flooding. For every lesson learned as floodwaters subsided, additional questions have arisen about how to best respond to the next big event.

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Speakers at the 2015 BizWest Economic Forecast said the northern regional economy looks to remain strong going deeper into the year. However - and there's always a however - the drop in oil prices and its affect on Weld County's oil and gas industry leaves a particular uncertainty about resiliency.

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Are we driving less? When it comes to the Federal Highway Administration's forecasts, the government seems to think so. After years of predicting that driving would only be increasing, the latest forecast of vehicle miles traveled is projecting that total miles driven by the average American will remain essentially flat for the foreseeable future.

With that estimation, CoPIRG, a consumer advocacy group, said the agency is quietly acknowledging that the driving boom is now over.

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Built in a restored 1909 school building, the newest library in Summit County will be unveiled to the public Saturday. Breckenridge's Grand Vacations Community Center and Summit County South Branch Library – otherwise known as "the center" – will hold a grand opening celebration before getting down to business.

The structure may be old but Scott Vargo, assistant Summit County manager, said the new library is cutting edge. 

Delaware Department of Transportation

The Colorado Department of Transportation will soon have a new Executive Director. Governor John Hickenlooper has announced Shailen Bhatt - currently Transportation Secretary for the Delaware Department of Transportation - as the new head of the state's transportation agency.

Colorado Department of Transportation / Flickr-Used With Permission.

Despite delays and closures due to increased traffic and adverse conditions leading into the busy holiday season, the Colorado Department of Transportation said they are striving to keep the main highway running though the high country open during winter storms, and delays down to a minimum.

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Heading to the slopes of Vail or Beaver Creek? There are also a wealth of places outside the ski resorts that locals say you can’t miss. Here's five that highlight the diverse topographical and cultural makeup of the 1,692 square mile county.