Neil Best

President & CEO

As president, I oversee all day-to-day operations and programming and production decisions for Community Radio for Northern Colorado.

I joined the staff of KUNC in 1972.  During my tenure I have been a music host, education reporter, news director, program director, and since 1992, the general manager. Over the years it has been my pleasure to be involved in the northern Colorado Community including service on the board of directors of the Colorado Farm Show, the Greeley Chamber of Commerce, Greeley Rotary, and the United Way of Weld County campaign committee.  I have also served on numerous review panels and advisory committees for National Public Radio, Public Radio International, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and on the board of directors of Public Radio Program Directors, INC. In 2001 I received the Public Radio International Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Along with my wife Joyce, we are parents to Brian and Brandon, recent graduates of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Dear Friends,

A critical part of the mission of KUNC is to provide information, inspiration, entertainment with the goal of strengthening our community.   

These are goals we take very seriously.  As I have listened the last few days I hear reporting that creates driveway moments all day long.  We all have our own lists, but here are a few on my recent driveway moments:  

Dear Friends,

Amongst the dire realities about the changes taking place in print journalism (staff layoffs, decreases in publication schedules) I am writing to share with you some encouraging news. 

First and foremost, the KUNC newsroom, as well as at many other public radio newsrooms across America, are rising to the challenge of ensuring that quality fact-based journalism continues and is in fact thriving.

Dear Friends,

It has been my passion for the mission of public radio that has driven my career for more than forty years. 

The need to meet daily deadlines for those of us in the media can lead to not taking time to reflect.  On our Independence Day, I did make some time for reflection.

My day began with hearing the staff of National Public Radio continue the 4th of July tradition of reading the entire Declaration of Independence shortly after six in the morning.  As it does every year, that ten minutes crystalizes for me the value of non-profit, community radio.  

KUNC has seen lots of change over our 50-year history, because like you, our roots are here, and they run deep. And like you, we’re experiencing those changes along the northern Front Range first-hand, from Denver and Boulder to Fort Collins and Greeley and everywhere in between. Colorado is growing, and quickly. KUNC is getting ahead of those changes with you.

As a listener to KUNC, I know that you value fact-based journalism. Recent events demonstrate that we live in a time fraught with change and a time when journalism is facing significant challenges.  Here in our own state the demise of the Rocky Mountain News along with the downsizing of the Denver Post and the Boulder Daily Camera, and many other local papers, are stark reminders of the new business side of journalism. 

Dear Friends,

Our commitment to be a valued and trusted news resource for you is on-going for all of us at KUNC.  With that goal in mind we have accepted the challenge and opportunity to participate in Guns & America, a national collaboration with nine other public radio stations.

Organized by WAMU in Washington D.C. the collaboration will launch the Audion Fellowship, a first-of-its kind program that will train and empower a diverse corps of innovative, cross-platform journalists to cover difficult and divisive topics.


  • energetic, bright, and full of life  

As I listen to KUNC, this is the word that comes to my mind.  And from visiting with members I am glad to hear that so many in the audience are hearing the same thing.

The quality and depth of reporting from the KUNC newsroom has never been better in our 50-year history.  Here is what we are hearing:

Dear Friends,

Recently, you’ve been hearing some new voices from the KUNC newsroom. Reporters Stephanie Daniel, Matt Bloom, and Rae Ellen Bichell have all produced stories you may have heard during Morning Edition or All Things Considered or read online. We’re always looking for ways to strengthen our reporting, and now there’s one more voice that we’d like to include.

Dear Friends,

As we begin 2018, I am taking this opportunity to say thank you for support of the journalism that you hear on KUNC.

Dear Friends,

KUNC is embarking on an exciting analysis and evolution of our marketing and on-air messaging in order to better connect with our changing media market, and we’d like your input.