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Wendy Wham

Though the majority of my radio experience has been in the commercial sector (from Colorado to Utah to Alaska), my radio was always tuned to the public station... I am an NPR junkie. I was blessed to work with some truly amazing and creative people in radio since my first professional job in the industry during my freshman year in college. That blessing has continued by being part of the family of one of the most incredible radio stations (and staff) in the country - KUNC.

I think that I was destined for this business, and remember being about 7 or 8 years old and editing audio tape (with SCOTCH tape, no less), on my father's old open reel recorder, you know, the kind with the big central turret mechanism that would be turned for play (the button pushed in and the turret turned again for record). My poor brother was the victim for my ‘interview’ attempts (I would spice up the tape to have him say things he never said- what a brat!), and this was the first time that I realized the importance of "incidental music" to television shows as I listened to my recordings of "The Rat Patrol." Don't know why I recorded it-- perhaps I was searching for some sort of musical epiphany. My father soon saw my love of recording as not being a phase and presented me with real splicing tape. I was off.

Besides delighting in creative music-driven radio (and long sentences), my passions are as diverse as KUNC's music. Audio editing, painting (Plein-air and studio oils), calligraphy (and illuminated manuscripts), jewelry and beadwork, music (I play mandolin, a bit of guitar, and hope once again to play the piano). The list continues with history (U.S. Studies), reading ("Hello, my name is Wendy, and I am a biblioholic"), writing, gardening, anything to do with nature, birds, & animals (especially dogs, then especially Border Collies), old airplanes, tractors, and trains (steam rules!), and of course, Baseball. I am blissfully married to mandolinist and bluegrass radio host, Jerry Mills.

It is a joy to be here!

..Oh, and to answer oft-asked questions… yes, my name is real. My parents obviously had a sense of humor, or could not resist the alliteration (or perhaps it was the pain meds they gave to women during childbirth at the time). Wham is a good Scottish name; there is even a on the internet. My grandfather, David Graham Wham, came through Ellis Island from outside of Glasgow in 1923. Though there seems to be a genealogical connection, there is no direct relation to former Colorado Senator Dorothy Wham, but I would be proud to be a close relative!