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Dome Renovation Fundraising Slow, But Steady

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A fundraising effort to repair the rusting cast-iron dome on top of the State Capitol is off to a slow, but steady start.

Renovation of the gold plated dome starts in June but whether or not the money is there to pay for the project is another story. One month after kicking off the “Share in the Care” campaign about $20-thousand has been raised towards a goal of $4-million.

“Four million dollars has already pulled out of our State Historical Fund to get that work started. I need to raise four million dollars by June or it will be back filled from the fund to make up the difference,” says Colorado Preservation Inc. Executive Director James Hare.

And with the repair costs estimated at $12-million Hare says taking more money from the historical fund hurts restoration projects statewide especially those in rural areas. Colorado Preservation Inc. is also looking for corporate sponsors to help pay for the 3 year renovation project.