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Bennet Says Congress Needs to Focus on What’s Next in Libya

Senator Michael Bennet

With many lawmakers wanting an explanation from President Obama for taking action in Libya, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet says the focus needs to be on what happens next.

Bennet supports the President for doing what he did because it’s a multi-lateral force trying to protect the Libyan people. He says Congress has an important oversight responsibility and in the coming weeks they will likely exercise that power.

During a stop to KUNC on Tuesday, he added that oversight needs to extend beyond Libya to both Afghanistan and Iraq.

“We can’t allow mission creep happen here and we’ve had that too many times in the last ten years or so. Frankly, at a certain point we need to look at these conflicts and say to ourselves how much longer can we afford this?”

Bennet feels Congress fell down on its oversight with respect to Iraq and that the same mistake shouldn’t be made again in Libya. President Obama describes the effort in Libya as a “humanitarian” intervention saying that it is "in America's national interest."

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