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Occupy Denver Marches in the Rain

Jim Hill

Dismal weather and cold temperatures didn't slow the planned protest & march Saturday for Occupy Denver. The protestors gathered in Civic Center Park along Broadway until Noon, then marched across Lincoln to the west side steps of the Capitol building.

Amid chants of "We are the 99%" the crowd protested on the steps, sharing brief speeches on a public address speaker, before continuing their march eastward along Colfax. There was a noticeable Police presence, though events at the Capitol proceeded peacefully. Some in the crowd thanked members of law enforcement for their service.

This protest, and others like it, have been springing up in cities across the nation. All off-shoots of the Occupy Wall Street protests in Manhattan. The movement began with a call for occupation of Wall Street from the culture jamming magazine Adbusters, and have been growing steadily since.

On September 24th, the day of the first Occupy Wall Street Saturday march, Marketplace's Stan Alcorn spent some time talking to and photographing protesters and bystanders. As the occupation stretches into its third week, it's a window into what activist Isham Christie calls "the first steps of what we hope is a blossoming social movement in the United States to fight economic, political and cultural injustices."

This preceding video is part of Marketplace's special project Economy 4.0: covering the economy of the future — and how to make it work better for more people.

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