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'Occupy Denver' Protesters Want Camping Waiver

Photo by Kirk Siegler
A protest against corporate greed mirroring "Occupy Wall Street" continued in Denver's Civic Center Park Wednesday, even as some worried authorities would try to remove the illegal campers.

Colorado authorities have not yet said whether protesters outside the state capitol will be allowed to continue camping out in a public park as part of a nationwide protest against corporate greed.  KUNC’s Kirk Siegler reports that the Occupy Denver protesters are asking Governor Hickenlooper for a waiver to camp at civic center park.

The protest has been growing as has its accompanying “tent city.” At last count there were some fifty tents now strewn about the eastern edge of Civic Center Park – some voluntarily camping others homeless.  Protesters hand-delivered a letter to Governor Hickenlooper’s chief of staff asking for a waiver.

Protester and local artist Adam Teitelbaum read from some of it at one of the group’s twice daily so-called general assemblies: "We will make ensure that the park remains an open or welcome space to the general public and citizenry of Colorado.  our tents are a symbol, we are here to draw attention to the injustice of corporate sovereignty over modern life."

Some of the protesters at that meeting complained that the park had become unsafe especially at night, and they worried that the frequent smell of pot smoke isn’t helping their image. 

The Governor has not yet responded to the request for a waiver. 

Kirk Siegler reports for NPR, based out of NPR West in California.
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