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Occupy Movement Comes to Loveland, Wal-Mart is Focal Point

Kirk Siegler

The Occupy Denver movement will focus its efforts in Loveland today, demonstrating outside a Wal-Mart distribution center. It’s part of a larger nationwide effort today that will target the West Coast’s shipping ports.

Protesters in California, Oregon and Alaska are shifting their focus to disrupting business in the nation’s waterfront ports today. The idea is to stop or slow down business for the nation’s largest corporations, which depend on these waterfronts to ship and receive materials.

But while the West Coast Occupy Movement wants solidarity with many workers at the ports, the Associated Press is reporting that it does not have support from one of the most powerful unions representing port workers.

For today’s event in Loveland, the Occupy movement issued a call to action to university students, protesters and teamsters, asking them to show up and picket outside the Wal-Mart distribution center.