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Rep. Gardner: Tap Oil Reserves? Increase Federal Land For Gas And Oil Leases

Colorado 4thDistrict Congressman Cory Gardner is challenging Democratic lawmakers who want President Obama to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a way of lowering gas prices with a bill of his own.

Standing near two gas stations along a busy stretch of Interstate 25 in Northern Colorado, Congressman Gardner said he will introduce a bill that requires each tapping of the reserve be met with an equal increase in opening up Federal land for oil and gas leases to promote domestic drilling.

“The Strategic Oil Reserve is about emergencies, it’s not about political fixes.”

Carolyn Schultz was one of the only non-media listeners at the announcement.

“I don’t see any reason why we should be paying the Saudi Arabians for the gasoline that we use when we have it right here.”

Even with gas prices estimated to hit 5 dollars a gallon this summer – up the road in Greeley, Scott Berry says the solution is more complicated than just increasing federal oil and gas leases or tapping reserves.

“I think eventually we need to have American oil being used, but I don’t think we’re ready for it.”

Gardner hopes his bill [.pdf] will have enough bipartisan support to ensure lawmakers are doing everything they can to boost oil production at home first, instead of taping into the nation’s emergency oil reserves.