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Paul Ryan Energizes Crowd At Ft. Collins Campaign Rally

Walker Mowers

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan brought the Romney campaign to Northern Colorado Wednesday. During what was dubbed a “town hall meeting” Ryan energized a crowd of around 1,200 at a local manufacturing facility in Fort Collins.

The Wisconsin congressman took questions from the crowd about health care and poverty, as well as an issue important to the area – deregulating the oil industry.

“We have a very specific plan to get North American energy independence by 2020. This is not a pipe dream, no pun intended… This is something we can do. And among that, is cleaning up all the regulations from the federal government that makes it virtually impossible to produce new refineries."

Ryan also blasted President Obama during the 40 minutes speech saying he’s projecting weakness to the country’s foreign enemies given the turmoil in the Middle East. And he said the President is not dealing with the country’s growing debt burden.

Richard Hurbus of Windsor says he’s an independent, but attending the event may end up helping him decide his pick in November.

“Just his manor and the way he handled himself. I’m still undecided but I was impressed by him.”

The Republican VP nominee heads to another rally in Colorado Springs this evening at 6:30.