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Hey Abigael, We're Sorry... [Updated]


You may have seen this taking off across the web Wednesday. 4-year-old Abigael Evans and her mom were listening in Fort Collins to NPR election coverage when this happened...


Update 1:46 p.m.: Via Grace Hood on Twitter

Here's a a bigger version of the picture of post-election blues happiness:

Credit Grace Hood / KUNC

Grace also let us know that an ice cream cone may have had a hand in that smile. After this election, I think all of us could use an ice cream cone. Rocky Road anyone? Our original post follows bellow.


This election is the longest we can remember. It almost seems like there is no end in sight. There are days where anyone can relate to Abigael's feelings on the election; the length, the mailings, the ads, and the tone.

The video was taken in a King Soopers parking lot, 9News reports that the solution was to change the channel and listen to Neil Young.

Reporter Grace Hood reached out to Elizabeth Evans, Abigael's mom (and KUNC member) about it. For Elizabeth, she thinks that the reaction from her daughter is more of a statement on the media, on how deafening all the political ads can be.

"We're being drowned in political muck that's neither here nor there," says Elizabeth.

That's certainly something all of swing-state Colorado is experiencing. From August 2nd - October 23rd over $35 million dollars was spent on political advertising in the state. In this battleground state, the election has been omnipresent.

So chin up, we're almost there. Election Day is just round the corner. And to be honest, we're Neil Young fans too.


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