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Colorado Lawmakers Try To Finish Crafting Marijuana Rules

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Taxes, child-proof packaging, poison control and product safety – just a few of the humdrum issues lawmakers have to tackle now that Amendment 64 has legalized marijuana in Colorado. 

After putting off votes last week on marijuana regulation in Colorado, a joint House-Senate committee tasked with putting forward a policy is scheduled to try again Monday. 

Regulating recreational pot in the state is proving to be a stickier issue than anticipated. Lawmakers delayed votes last week when they couldn’t agree on a number of issues, including how marijuana should be taxed.

A scathing report criticizing the state's enforcement of medical marijuana regulations didn't help the process.

On the issue of marijuana product safety, lawmakers simply agreed the governor should decide which agency oversees it. 

Whatever agency is chosen will have some new information regarding childproofing the drug to consider.

The Denver Post reports that since marijuana laws loosened in 2009, Colorado doctors have seen more cases of marijuana poisoning in children. From early 2005 to 2009, Children’s Hospital Colorado had no emergency room visits from kids who had ingested marijuana.

In the following two years, the hospital saw 14 visits.

Doctors say children are attracted to edibles like brownies, lollipops or gummy worms. Some of these doctors are advocating for mandatory safety packaging.

A bill to regulate marijuana isn't expected until mid-April. That only leaves lawmakers a few weeks to come up with regulations.  

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