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Biden: Disagreements In Congress Will Not Interfere With Aid

Grace Hood

Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Colorado Monday to see the devastation from flooding that has damaged or destroyed thousands of homes and left 8 dead.

Spending an hour surveying washed out roads, destroyed bridges and homes by helicopter, the Vice President then spoke after visiting a disaster recovery center in Greeley. Biden assured evacuees that local, state and federal government aid will continue to meet their needs.

“None of the federal assistance that we’re providing — none of it — is going to be impacted even if there is a government shut down,” said the Vice President, alluding to the impending disagreements in Congress over the Federal Budget.


Biden also praised Federal Emergency Management Agency efforts to centralize resources saying there was a difference between the FEMA of today compared to just 5 years ago.

“They’re not saying if you need this help, call this number,” said Biden. “They’re saying walk three chairs down to table …at the end of the table and we’ll get this done for you…”

Colorado’s 17 impacted counties now face the daunting task of rebuilding, a task that FEMA has opened several disaster recovery centers to assist with.

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