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The next step in the race for the Presidency is Super Tuesday. This year's contest takes place on March 6th with 410 delegates up for grabs. 2012 Super Tuesday states include Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia, along with Alaska.All stories for Super Tuesday will be collected in this special section.

This Super Tuesday Is Highly Anticipated, So Why's There No Colorado GOP Straw Poll?

Colorado's Republican and Democratic caucuses will be held on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016. There's a difference this year though. Colorado's Republican Party leaders canceled their traditional presidential preference poll at the precinct caucuses. The state's Democrats will conduct a poll.

2016 has brought record turnout and excitement to GOP presidential primary events – especially with the emergence of Donald Trump as the party's frontrunner. Why would the state's Republicans pass on that? We asked Steve House, the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.

Interview Highlights With Steve House

On The Decision Not To Have A Presidential Preference Poll

"Given the context of the race back in August [2015], when we made this decision, we felt it would be better to follow that four step caucus process to elect delegates that represented the candidates that the state of Colorado's Republicans wanted."

On The Popularity Of Donald Trump

"I think people are surprised by it in two senses. One, it's him. The other is so many people between Donald and Bernie appear to be choosing a solution other than a typical politician. They don't want politics as usual."

On The Impact Of The Presidential Race In A Caucus Without A Preference Poll

"I think the presidential race will dominate the early conversation in every caucus, because, look, if you're going to vote for a delegate going to a higher assembly and you're passionate about who the president should be, you're likely to ask that person, who do you support?"

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