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More Details Emerge Of Boulder Woman's Interview With FBI


Details are emerging of the FBI’s recent interview with a Boulder woman who claims U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her during their college years.

Deborah Ramirez’s attorney tweeted that she spoke to investigators for two hours this past Sunday. During the conversation, she identified more than 20 additional witnesses who may have corroborating information.

Her attorney, John Clune, described her interview as detailed and productive but expressed concern the FBI is not conducting a “serious investigation” due to time constraints.

Ramirez claims Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during their time as students at Yale.

Kavanaugh has denied any wrongdoing.

The White House has given the FBI clearance to interview anyone it wants to by Friday in its investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh.

The new guidance, described to The Associated Press by a person familiar with it, was issued to the FBI over the weekend in response to Democratic and news media pushback that the scope of the probe was too narrow.

It comes as the FBI presses ahead with its investigation, questioning in recent days at least four people about accusations of misconduct against Kavanaugh dating to when he was in high school and college.