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Rep. Tom Sullivan Will Knock On Doors To Combat Recall Effort

Colorado State Capitol
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Colorado State Capitol

Rep. Tom Sullivan (D), who represents Arapahoe County, says he plans to start door knocking in his district this weekend, asking people to decline to sign a recall petition against him.

Sullivan’s original plan had been to talk with constituents about about his legislative accomplishments as well as priorities for next year’s session.

“Now this is going to be a different conversation we’re going to have to have with them because of this recall,” Sullivan said.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office approved the petition on Monday, which was filed by Kristi Burton Brown, the vice-chair of the Colorado Republican Party. Now, proponents have until July 12th to gather enough signatures to trigger a recall election.

Opposition to Sullivan is, in part, over his extreme risk bill which was signed into law last month after prolonged, passionate debate.

The law faces a legal challenge from the gun rights group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. If it survives, it would allow the temporary removal of firearms from someone believed to be a significant risk to themselves or others.

Sullivan’s predecessor, Cole Wist (R), lost his bid for reelection in November after co-sponsoring a failed extreme risk bill the year before. Wist tweeted that he does not support this recall effort against Sullivan.  

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