Falling In (And Out Of) Love: Colorado Storytellers Reflect on Dating Disasters

Sep 20, 2018

A man tries to win over his new girlfriend's reticient cat. Two women that dated the same man... on the same night. When he jumps back into the dating pool after a divorce, one paramour discovers his date isn't exactly who she says she was.

Colorado storytellers from across the Front Range came together at The Lyric in Fort Collins on September 19th for "Date Night: A Community Storytelling Event" hosted by KUNC's Luke Runyon, with music from Matthew Wilburn Skinner of the band Tallgrass

Luke Runyon

Credit KUNC

"I get there and immediately my stomach starts to feel a little... funny."

Peter Derk

Credit KUNC

"Any date that ends in cleaning cat vomit isn't, like, A++..."

Maggie Mullen

Credit KUNC

"Like most women, I love it when men explain to me my own experience."

Sere Williams & Audrey McDonald

Credit KUNC

"We should slow dance... all three of us together."

Robert Leja

Credit KUNC

"I took the same approach to online dating as I do to sales. You're going to meet a lot of people, sometimes you're going to connect, sometimes you aren't going to connect, but either way there's no big investment."

KUNC's next community storytelling event is coming this December. Stay tuned for details!