Gardner And GOP Wary Of The President's Outreach

Mar 11, 2013

The President’s decision to reach out to and meet with congressional republicans is being met with skepticism and caution by some members of the Republican party.

Republican Congressman Cory Gardner on NBC's Meet the Press on 3/9/13
Credit Meet the Press / NBC

On Sunday’s Meet the Press Colorado 4th district Congressman Cory Gardner said of President Obama “I hope he’s genuine, but I don’t think we’re going to be doing the Harlem shake anytime soon together.”

"I hope he's genuine, but I don't think we're going to be doing the Harlem shake anytime soon together."

Gardner was more serious when asked about the issue of drone strikes and presidential power that inspired Senator Rand Paul’s thirteen hour filibuster last week. He said that Congress should take up the debate surrounding drones and “ …the authority of the president when it comes to war powers, executive powers, actions in Iraq, Iran, what’s happening in the United States with drones and the failure of this administration to answer Senator Paul’s questions in a timely fashion.”

The President has already dined with several party officials and he’s expected to visit the capitol three times in an effort to open dialog on the budget battle and sequestration.