KUNC's Colorado Edition: Guns, A Hanky Mystery, The Future Of I-25

Mar 2, 2018

In this week's Colorado Edition, we follow hundreds of high school students dismayed by the Parkland shootings in Florida. There was a huge walkout in Fort Collins where the students -- and some parents -- called for gun control. 

Guns aren't just an issue for schools. As KUNC’s Bente Birkeland reports from the state Capitol, security inside that building full of law making and lobbying is an ongoing concern. Some lawmakers even bring their guns to work.

Credit Stacy Nick / KUNC

Then, KUNC arts reporter Stacy Nick gets to the bottom of a mystery behind a new Colorado State University exhibition. She not only learns about a unique exhibit of handkerchiefs but also discovers who exactly “Florence,” the collector, was.

We'll also look at the future of Interstate 25 and what could be a loooong trip from Fort Collins to Denver if nothing changes. That and we’ll hear from our film critic, Howie Movshovitz, who reviews "Loveless" and more news of the week.

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