From Neil Best's Desk: Building Community Through Volunteerism

Sep 10, 2015

Friday marks the National Day of Service and Remembrance, a day we are all encouraged to do a good deed and then share it with friends.

As a nonprofit ourselves, KUNC understands many of the challenges other community groups face. In that regard, we work to encourage volunteerism through our monthly series Get Involved Colorado. The first week of each month we share the story of a nonprofit in Colorado that is in need of volunteers. We hear about the mission of the organization while spotlighting the experiences of volunteers.

This past year we have highlighted a wide variety of organizations. Learning about volunteers who help teach English as a second language, act as resources for storytelling projects, provide transportation for those who can't drive themselves, assist children who lack advocates in the court system, and the list continues.

You can revisit this project at anytime to learn about agencies where you might wish to volunteer.

Perhaps your good deed will be letting us know about a nonprofit agency in the community that is doing good work and would benefit from additional committed volunteers. If you have a nomination for KUNC's Get Involved Colorado series, let us know. Send your recommendation to

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President & CEO

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