TELL Colorado Survey Seeks Educator Opinions

Feb 7, 2011

For the second time, Colorado education officials are asking for the opinions of teachers, principals and other educators from across the state.  Officials say the surveys are a strong catalyst for change.

More than 23,000 Colorado educators took the so-called Tell Survey in 2009.  For the 2011 survey, education officials are hoping even more participate.  Through the survey, educators anonymously report information about their school and the types of supports available to them, as well as what’s working and what’s not.  The survey results will be seen by the governor’s office, department of education, teachers unions and others.

“If enough participation happens at a particular school, at least 50%, then they’ll get their own data back,” says Tell Colorado Coordinator Lisa Medler, “so it’s a way to have conversations in more of a safe manner about what’s going on and what’s not going on and what are some ways that we can improve so that we make sure we’re serving students as best as we can.”

Educators have until the end of the month to take the on-line survey.  The initial results will be available to districts and schools by March, and will be available to the public later in the spring.