Watch: Colorado House Voting On Rep. Lebsock's Expulsion

Mar 2, 2018

A vote scheduled for the Colorado House of Representatives today could determine Rep. Steve Lebsock's future and members are currently making statements. Following our reporting last November, an outside investigator found that allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation leveled against Lebsock from five individuals were credible.

House Democrats have pushed for a vote to remove Lebsock from office. But some in the House question the methods of the investigation that is the lynchpin of that effort. Some worry that the punishment is too extreme for someone accused of such misconduct.

Lebsock says that the vote to remove him from office will go in his favor.

"My colleagues are not going to expel me," he said Thursday in a quiet committee room. "Even if we went through an extended period where there was due process, at the end of it there would even be more 'No' votes."