The Wood Brothers: Live @ Swallow Hill

Nov 6, 2011

An incredible show recorded at the L2 Arts & Culture Center with The Wood Brothers! This performance catches The Wood Brothers on their 2nd night on tour and is appropriately enough, the 2nd show in our Live @ Swallow Hill Sessions...

The Wood Brothers, who grew up in Boulder, return to Colorado for this show just across the street from Twist & Shout in Denver. In fact, both brothers shout out to the local favorite, and the great L2 in their show! Be sure to listen for that as well as Clay Cook joining them for the final three tunes.


This performance originally aired Nov. 5th, 2011 and was recorded at the L2 Arts & Culture Center on Sept. 23rd, 2011. The version archived here is different than the broadcast version, this is the full concert recording.