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Lost Highways

  • Hosted by Noel Black, Tyler Hill

Lost Highways: Dispatches from the Shadows of the Rocky Mountains is a new podcast and radio show from History Colorado, the Museum of the State Historical Society. On each episode, writer Noel Black and producer Tyler Hill set out to discover their home state of Colorado through stories they can’t believe they’ve never heard. These stories provide fresh context for the many ways the Rocky Mountain West has shaped our world.


Season one explores the Colorado roots of outrage-for-profit talk-radio, same-sex marriage, American bonsai culture. It also mines insights from stories on Japanese incarceration and forced relocation during World War II, an all-African American farming settlement, and the “Red Elvis,” an musician and entertainer from Denver who was arguably the most famous man in the world everywhere but the United States. 

Lost Highways: Mascot, Mask Off

Feb 29, 2020
Courtesy History Colorado

There are still more than a thousand public high schools across the country that use stereotypes and caricatures of American Indians as their mascots, and Colorado is no exception. We still have more than 30 of them.  On this episode of Lost Highways, we look at the history of American Indian mascots and the different ways that tribes, teams, governments, and communities have grappled with the controversy.

Lost Highways: Rock Around The Bloc

Feb 22, 2020
Courtesy History Colorado

Born and raised in Wheatridge, Colorado, Dean Reed moved to Hollywood at the age of 19 in an attempt to become a star. He was groomed to be a teen pop idol by Capitol Records before becoming a socialist during a tour of South America in the 1960s.

Lost Highways: The Dearest Field

Feb 15, 2020
Courtesy History Colorado

In the aftermath of the American Civil War, all-Black settlements sprang up throughout the West as formerly enslaved people and their descendants sought to build a better life. In this episode, Noel and Tyler look back at one of those communities in Colorado.

Lost Highways: The Passion of Alan Berg

Feb 14, 2020
Courtesy History Colorado

Noel and Tyler spin the dial on the talk radio time machine to meet Alan Berg, the loud-mouthed Denver media personality who helped pioneer the “outrage for profit”  business model that drives political media today. Berg was on his way to stardom until his assassination by neo-Nazis in 1984.

Lost Highways: Bonsai Behind Barbed Wire

Feb 14, 2020
Courtesy History Colorado

Tyler and Noel set out to investigate an alleged feud between two bickering bonsai clubs. But their quest leads them instead to Amache, a WWII prison camp for people of Japanese ancestry in southeast Colorado.

Lost Highways: Six Gay Weddings And A Horse

Feb 9, 2020
Courtesy History Colorado

In 1975, a newly-elected Boulder County Clerk named Clela Rorex had just settled into her job when two men walked into the courthouse and asked for a marriage license. Her decision would reverberate across four decades of LGBTQ history, and ultimately help redefinte marriage as we know it.