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KUNC's Colorado Edition: I'm Not Dead Yet

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Probably not what you want in a coroner.

On this week's Colorado Edition, we see the light at the end of the election tunnel (ballots are out), ask if polar bears can really be in love (not really) and check out the qualifications to be a coroner (few).

First, we chat with new Capitol Coverage reporter Scott Franz , the newest addition to the KUNC newsroom. He's waist deep into the election right now, but will bring his experience to the State Capitol when the legislative session kicks off at the beginning of 2019.

You've probably seen way more ads for the two candidates running for governor than anyone every really wants to - probably including the candidates themselves. But when it comes to the race for state treasurer, the candidates have largely stayed clear of the spotlight . Matt Bloom checked in with the two candidates looking to replace term-limited and governor-hopeful Walker Stapleton: Democrat Dave Young and Republican Brian Watson.

Among the local and statewide ballot questions, Colorado voters are also choosing a new governor - had you heard? Early voting is underway now, so Brian Larson asked the Boulder County Democratic Party chair Ellen Burns and Larimer County Republican Party chair Bob Morain for their perspectives.

In counties across the U.S. - and yes, right here in Colorado - voters might notice something way down at the bottom of their ballots: candidates for county coroner. They're in charge of investigating deaths and they're up for reelection every four years. But Rae Ellen Bichell asks if we should be electing people for this job at all .

Finally, we head to the Denver Film Festival, which opens Oct. 31 and runs through Nov. 11. This is the 41st edition of the festival. For KUNC film critic Howie Movshovitz, who teaches film and television at CU Denver, the festival offers more than enough to keep one interested.

In the headlines:

· The Colorado Secretary of State's office says a website implying that hundreds of thousands of voters were wrongly removed from the rolls in the past decade is misleading.

· Colorado State University students "felt the Bern" this week when Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke at a campaign rally on behalf of Democrat Jared Polis. It sounded a lot like a stump speech for a potential presidential bid.

· More than 30,000 people have signed an online petition to keep the Denver Zoo's polar bears together and move them to a sanctuary - but zoo officials say that effort is misguided, and that the bears don't even like each other that much .

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Our intro music is "Remember Me" by Colorado musician Kalatana. Our outro is "Good Grief" by Ryan Little. Other music this week:

  • Torture Super Sonic - "Neogrotesque"
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This episode was hosted and produced by assistant news director Erin O'Toole and Karlie Huckels. Digital editor Ashley Jefcoat handled the web. News director Catherine Welch and managing editor Brian Larson contributed to this episode.

KUNC's Colorado Edition is a weekly look at the top stories from our newsroom. It's available every Friday on our website, as well as on iTunes , Google Play , Stitcher or wherever (RSS) you get your podcasts. You can hear it on the air every Sunday at 9 p.m. on KUNC.