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Colorado Edition: Make A Decision

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Today on Colorado Edition: the Supreme Court heard oral arguments to determine the future of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. We discuss how Coloradans are reacting to the debate. Plus, the debate around whether or not to allow e-bikes on public lands, and a look at education election results. Finally, a conversation with author Pam Houston about how she came to own a ranch high in the Rocky Mountains, and what the experience has taught her. 

News of the day: 

  • Colorado Citizen Voters - A group petitioning to change the Colorado Constitution claims they have gathered enough signatures and turned them over to the Colorado Secretary of State today. The initiative from the Colorado Citizen Voters wants to change wording in the state's constitution to explicitly ban non-citizens from voting. Colorado law already excludes non-citizens from voting in state and federal elections. However, Serena Woods, a spokesperson for the Colorado Secretary of State told The Westword that individual cities have the ability to decide who can vote in municipal elections. Colorado Citizen Voters must have 124,000 valid signatures from registered Colorado voters for the issue to qualify for ballot placement. 
  • High Capacity Magazine Sales - Despite a 2013 law banning high capacity magazines in Colorado, they are still being sold, and some gun show owners are skirting the law by selling them disassembled. An undercover investigation by KUSA-TV found at least two shops were selling the magazines already assembled. The law was passed in the wake of the Aurora Theater shooting in 2012. It bans the sale or transfer of magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition. 
  • Timnath Settlement - Timnath Town Council is set to approve a $250,000 settlement between the town and the former mayor of Windsor, John Vasquez. The agreement stems form a 2017  altercation involving local police, during which Vasquez was allegedly slammed onto the hood of a patrol car. The incident wasn't filmed because Timnath police officers weren't required to wear body cameras at the time. Since then, an officer involved with the altercation has resigned and the department has purchased body cameras for its officers. 
  • Weld Ballots - More than 250 ballots turned in for last week's election in Weld County still haven't been counted. The Weld clerk and recorder's office is reaching out to residents who may have forgotten to sign their ballot, or provided a signature that didn't match the one on file. In a statement, the clerk and recorder's office said voters have until midnight Wednesday to correct the errors. 

DACA In Colorado

Credit Amanda Schwengel / MSU Denver
MSU Denver
Colorado's Attorney General, Phil Weiser, speaking at a rally on Tuesday morning at Metropolitan State University in Denver.

The U.S. Supreme Court is dealing with a case that could affect the fate of more than 700,000 young people who were brought illegally to the U.S. as children. Colorado is one of a handful of states that are part of a federal lawsuit challenging the Trump administration's decision two years ago to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA program. 

KUNC's Stephanie Daniel joins us to discuss the program in Colorado. 

E-Bikes On Public Lands

Canyonlands National Park.

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, as they're known, are having a moment. Right now they're the fastest growing segment of the country's bike market. But, what exactly are they? As Maggie Mullen reports, that question is at the heart of the debate over the Department of the Interior's decision to allow them on public lands. 

Education Election Results

Credit Grace Hood / KUNC

Denver elects new school board members every two years. And since 2017, the board has been comprised mostly of members who align with the growing trend of supporting charter schools and diversifying the city's school offerings. 

During this year's elections however, things changed. Candidates supported by the teacher's union took the three available seats, flipping the board and setting the stage for a lot of changes. 

Melanie Asmar has been covering the flip for Chalkbeat Colorado and joins us to discuss. 

Author Pam Houston Explores Life In The High Country


Since we launched the show, we've had the unique opportunity to talk with local artists who call the state of Colorado home. One such artist is author Pam Houston. She is the author of the new memoir Deep Creek: Finding Home in the High Country.

Houston joined us to tell us about how she came to own a ranch high in the Rocky Mountains, and all of the difficulties and opportunities that came with it. 


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Stories written by KUNC newsroom staff.