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Colorado Edition: What's In This Burger?


Today on Colorado Edition: We discuss the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties, or COP25, with climate and political experts. Plus, a conversation with a state representative trying to keep healthcare costs down across the state. We also explore the future of the meatless meat market and hear about a classic tale being told in a new way for the first time.

News Of The Day:

  • BLM Critics - Retired top officials from the Bureau of Land Management are criticizing the agency’s planned relocation to Colorado. A group is urging lawmakers in D.C. this week to defund the move. The BLM says its planned relocation of more than 150 top employees to Grand Junction and other locations in the West will bring regulators closer to the lands they manage. But the former BLM officials believe the move will dismantle the agency and result in brain drain.
  • Prison Pregnancies - There’s wide variability in state policies about what care to give to women who are pregnant and behind bars. That’s according to a new report from the Prison Policy Initiative, which looked at all 50 states and found that "in spite of national standards, most states lack important policies on prenatal care and nutrition for pregnant women." All states in the Mountain West do have policies limiting the use of restraints on pregnant women who are behind bars. But a number of states — including Nevada and Utah — lack policies on nutrition for pregnant women, and specialized care for high-risk pregnancies. Surveillance footage shows that last year, a woman in Denver gave birth alone in a jail cell.
  • Estes Park - Estes Park will remain free of marijuana stores. In a special election yesterday, voters rejected a citizen initiative that would have allowed a limited number of marijuana retail, medical and cultivation facilities to operate within the city. Unofficial returns show more than 2,500 Estes Park residents cast ballots, and more than 1,800 voted "no" on the initiative. 

United Nations Convention On Climate Change

Credit Photo by Kirk Siegler
South Shale Ridge in western Colorado is prized for scenery, and the natural gas that lies beneath it.

Leaders from around the world are gathering this week at the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties, or COP25, which is being held through Friday in Madrid, Spain. In addition to world leaders and other stakeholders, youth have been at the forefront of calls for action on climate change.

In this segment, you’ll hear from a Colorado State University student who is in attendance to present her research. We also spoke to Michele Betsill, a political science professor at CSU, about the conference and how it affects Coloradans.

Keeping Healthcare Costs Down In The Next Legislative Session

Credit San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center
Dr. Amanda Schultz works with a patient in the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center’s Physician Services division in Alamosa, Colorado. The San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center is an integrated healthcare facility with the only full service hospita

Healthcare will be a big topic of debate in Colorado’s next legislative session, as lawmakers work to create a new form of health insurance. Supporters of the so-called public option say it will offer cheaper premiums on the individual market.

KUNC’s Scott Franz spoke with Democratic Rep. Dylan Roberts about his proposal to drive down costs.

The Future Of Meatless "Meat"

Credit Jackie Hai / KUNC

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis made headlines over the summer, when, while eating an Impossible Whopper in his office, he suggested that Colorado encourage the agriculture community to look into the production of meatless meat.

That suggestion was controversial in a state that exports nearly $4 billion in beef. But alongside the strong market for agriculture and beef in our state, Colorado is increasingly becoming home to companies that are producing plant-based meats and milks.

Dan Mika from BizWest joined us to walk us through what’s happening with these two industries.

A Christmas Carol

Credit Stephanie Daniel / KUNC
Inmates from the Sterling Correctional Facility perform the play 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' at the Denver Women's Correctional Facility.

"A Christmas Carol" is a holiday classic. This week the play will be performed at the University of Denver. But this show is unique — the cast and crew are 40 incarcerated women from the Denver Women’s Correctional facility. This is the first-time incarcerated individuals will take a theatre production outside prison walls and perform in public.

KUNC’s Stephanie Daniel joined us with more about the unique arts collaboration between the University of Denver Prison Arts Project and the Colorado Department of Corrections.

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Our theme music was composed by Colorado musicians Briana Harris and Johnny Burroughs. Other music this week by Blue Dot Sessions:

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Colorado Edition is hosted by Erin O'Toole (@ErinOtoole1) and Henry Zimmerman (@HWZimmerman), and produced by Lily Tyson. The web was edited by digital editor Jackie Hai. Managing editor Brian Larson contributed to this episode.

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Stories written by KUNC newsroom staff.