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Colorado Edition: What's In A Name?

Luke Runyon
The Colorado River flows downstream of Grand Junction, Colorado in August 2018.

Today on Colorado Edition: We look at firearm legislation that's up for debate in the legislature. We also explore the future of Lucky's Market after news it would be closing dozens of stores. In the presidential race, we check in on Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet's campaign in New Hampshire. Plus, a Colorado River fish could be down-listed from "endangered" to "threatened," and we get advice on surviving an avalanche.

Lucky's Market To Close Stores Across The Country

Credit Photo courtesy of Chet Nickell.
Lucky's Market in Fort Collins.

Lucky’s Market is closing dozens of stores around the country, including three here in Colorado. The news comes almost a month after Kroger, the supermarket giant, sold its stake in the Boulder County based grocery chain. Amidst a whirlwind of changing plans and without Kroger in their corner, the future of Lucky’s Market is up in the air. Lucas High has been following this story as it’s developed. He joined us to talk about the future of Lucky’s and how we got to this point. You can find his reporting on this here.

Firearm Bills In The Legislature

Credit Scott Franz / Capitol Coverage
Capitol Coverage

We are exactly two weeks into Colorado’s legislative session and, over the past two weeks, we’ve been looking at issues that are up for debate in the statehouse.  Today we’re zooming in on legislation surrounding guns. A pair of bills aimed at loosening firearm restrictions are up for discussion tomorrow at the state capitol. Our Guns and America reporter Leigh Paterson joined us to go over the legislation.

Michael Bennet's Campaign In New Hampshire

Credit Lauren Chooljian / NHPR
Sen. Michael Bennet (right) shows off a T-shirt while campaigning at Teatotaller cafe in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

The impeachment trial is in full swing in the Senate and that means that senators are stuck in Washington — even the senators who are running for president and see the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary fast approaching. Today, we’re looking at one presidential campaign: that of Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet.  

He’s been spending a lot of time in New Hampshire, where he is trying to do well in a primary that is just under three weeks away, despite not polling well enough to make it onto the debate stage.  In a press release out this morning, his campaign has said he will return to New Hampshire on Sunday, and plans to continue his run of 50 town halls in the state before the first-in-the-nation primary, scheduled for February 11.  

Here to give us a window into the Bennet campaign is Lauren Chooljian, a politics and policy reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio. You can find her reporting on the Bennet campaign here.

Colorado River's Humpback Chub May Be Moved From Endangered Species List

Credit George Andrejko / Arizona Game and Fish Department.
Arizona Game and Fish Department.
The Humpback Chub may down-listed from "endangered" to "threatened" in the coming years. A sign that recovery efforts are helping stave off extinction.

On Monday, we heard from Colorado River experts about the threats facing the river in the year ahead. And just yesterday, we heard an announcement about the health of a rare fish that lives in that river: the humpback chub. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing moving the humpback chub’s status down from "endangered" to "threatened." KUNC’s Luke Runyon joined us with more about the fish’s story of survival and the efforts behind the recovery.

Increasing Your Odds Of Surviving An Avalanche

Students shovel snow as a team while attending an avalanche rescue class near Park City, Utah.
Credit Nate Hegyi / Mountain West News Bureau

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Avalanches are one of the most dangerous natural disasters in Colorado and across the mountain west. Twelve people have died across the country so far this winter, including two people in Colorado.  But there are ways to increase your odds of surviving an avalanche. For KUNC, Nate Hegyi brings us the story. You can listen again, or read through Nate’s story here.

The current avalanche conditions in Colorado are low to moderate. You can always find the latest conditions at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center’s website.

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