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Colorado Edition: Addressing The Shortage

Rae Ellen Bichell
Mountain West News Bureau
Biosafety Level 4 suits hang in a lab used for training at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana.

Today on Colorado Edition: we’ll bring you the latest on COVID-19 in our state, from how one local company is working to produce personal protective equipment for hospitals, to attempts to create a vaccine for the virus. We will also learn about suicide risk during stay-at-home orders, and how remote learning works for students with different needs.

Greeley Company Works To End PPE Shortage

Like many other places throughout the country, Colorado’s medical workers are dealing with a shortage of supplies during the coronavirus outbreak. To fill the gaps in personal protective equipment, or PPE, local efforts are ramping up to supply the state’s hospitals with the gear needed to keep workers safe and healthy. KUNC’s Luke Runyon spoke with Jake Comer of Greeley’s Genesis Plastics about how they joined a state task force to help end the PPE shortage.

Scientists Work To Develop COVID-19 Vaccine

Scientists are working hard to understand what can be done about the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. As KUNC’s Rae Ellen Bichel reports, that includes a few groups in the Mountain West.

Suicide Risks With Stay-At-Home Orders

With an increasing number of stay-at-home orders cropping up around Colorado and the rest of the country, more and more people are starting to experience extended social isolation. The same is true for layoffs. These are some of the  effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are also conditions that have suicide experts worried about at-risk Americans. For KUNC, Heath Druzin has more.

Remote Learning

It’s been almost a week since Colorado Gov. Jared Polis issued an executive order to close all of the state’s schools. And now, a lot of students are starting to take classes remotely from their residence. 

One school district – Jeffco Public Schools – is perhaps leading the way with their robust, remote learning plan. Yesenia Robles, a reporter with Chalkbeat Colorado, joined us to tell us more about the plan and how it works, and what remote learning looks like for students with different needs.

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